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jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

[2013] Más Pistas Sessions (6 Djs Remember Sets)

Producciones Más Volumen – MVCD 13
CD, Compilation & Mixed
Kalajanpc,K.T.R. DJ,DJ Acedo,Pedro DJ,DJ Teva,DJ Sejo Cuenca


   Mas Pistas Sessions Mixed By K.T.R. DJ


01.Control - Move
02.Everything But The Girl - Missing
03.Itty-Bitty-Boozy-Woozy - Tempo Fiesta
04.Televission - Claps By Cramps
05.Total Level - Trx Danger
06.Nacho Division - Meditation
07.T.F.O. Feat Hysteria - Magic
08.Transparent Dreams - Power Of My Dreams
09.The King Of House - Usa-Usa
10.Atlantis - Control Of The Universe
11.Black Money - Are You Ready?
12.Matrix'94 - Music Is LIght
13.Marky Mark and Prince Ital Joe - Happy People
14.DJ Keoki - Speed Racer
15.DJ Peter - Terminal
16.Telescopic Probes - Endorian
17.Notredame - It's America
18.The Hard Concert - Get The Power
19.Frenetic System Vol.III - Red Conection
20.Classic Stage - Music For A Found Harmonium

   Mas Pistas Sessions Mixed By Kalajanpc 

01.Aldus Haza - Dial  (Action Mix)
02.Endorian - Telescopic Probe  (Satellite Version)
03.Face Of Freedom - The Final Solution
04.Vatios Vol. 3 - Shock
05.Afrika Bambaataa - Pupunanny
06.The King Of House - Special King Bonus
07.Trashcan - House It
08.Furia - Deep Energy
09.Happiness - Love
10.DJ Peter - Terminal
11.New System - This Is The Night
12.2 In Line - Viva La Revolution
13.Sir Prize - Declaration
14.Shalima - Don´t,Let Me Go
15.Hunga Munga - I've Gotta Have Your Love
16.Orange Feat Sanna - Eternity
17.Viper  - Blue Sunshine
18.DJ Sylvan - Guitar Spell 

   Mas Pistas Sessions Mixed By DJ Acedo

01.Vatios - Crazy Sound Vol.14
02.Televission - Five MG
03.Control - Move
04.Match 4 - Betty Tracks
05.Matrix'94 - Music Is Light
06.Vatios - Fantastic
07.Tormento - Zzzzz..... (Essential Mix)
08.Full Stop - Hand Over
09.Master Density - Give Me Two Kicks
10.Head 2 Head - Love Taker (Trival Version)
11.Public House - Public House
12.Furia - Deep Energy
13.T.F.O. - Soul Body (Extended Free Mix)
14.King of House - 12 - Bonus mix
15.El Bueno - Perversion
16.Cabasa - Guitar
17.Dj Peter - The Power Track
18.Dj Pirata Vol.II - A Party
19.Dj Shadow - Si Tu Me Quieres
20.Susan K - Heaven Knows
21.Marmion - Schoeneberg
22.Miani - Rape Me
23.Movement - Movement the Speed Destroy
24.N.U.K.E - Keep The Spirit

   Mas Pistas Sessions Mixed By Pedro D.Jota

01.Future Brain - One,Two,Three,Four
02.Hurricane - Power To Jump
03.The Sound Runners - This Is A Magic Control
04.Molella - Change 1st Remix
05.Pan Position - Jack Y All
06.Horos - Keep On
07.Mr Polon - All Night Long
08.Marasma - Virus
09.Danaeh - Walk Away
10.Night Fly - Bang
11.B-94 - Are You Feelin Allright
12.Giorgio Prezioso - Get On Up
13.Trance Orchestra - Check It Out
14.Absolution - Make It

   Mas Pistas Sessions Mixed By DJ Teva

01.Klima - In Time
02.Saturnia - To The Moon
02.The Dream - The Power
04.Atalntis - Because
05.Spiral Pure - Out Soon
06.Sash - Saty
07.Tambourines - Unknow
08.Planarium - Love & Pasion
09.Television - Five Miligrams
10.Control - The Dream
11.DDC Vol.2 - Mind
12.Wintermute - Hands Of Fate

   Mas Pistas Sessions Mixed By DJ Sejo Cuenca 

01.Bandido feat. Piropo - I Drove All Night (Hard DJ Remix) -1994
02.Dynamic Work - Out Of Mind (Spanish Rap Version) -1994
03.Hi-Basic - Can You Feel It (Blumen Mix) -1993
04.Steam System - Ahora Más (Más Duro) -1993
05.Dream Squad - Relax Yourself (And Come With Me) (Sweet Night Mix) -1995
06.Vatios Vol. 2 - Vacuum Cleaner -1994
07.Lory Lee - Let Me Be (Hip Hop Mix) -1993
08.Radioactivity - MW-604 -1994
09.Beat Company feat. Dj Belloni - I Know (Club Mix) -1994
10.Into Magic - Mich Doch (Noooo Respect Mix) -1993
11.Masha - Just For Me (Mix 1) -1995
12.Red Vision - Chota Base -1996
13.Toonoo - Let Da Bass Go -1995
14.Happymen - ...Are You Ready (Extended Mix) -1993

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