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miércoles, 3 de abril de 2013

Deejays de Leyenda volúmen 2 (Los Astros del Techno)(3 Cds Sessions y tracks)

Contraseña Records – CON-895-CD
3 × CD, Compilation,Mixed
April 2013

CD1 Session Deejays De Leyenda Vol.2 Mixed By Jesús Parra Dj

01.Shuilem - Ah Ah-Mix
02.Spanic - Sister Golden Hair
03.The King Of House - Bonus (King)
04.Trans-Mission - Nanah Trance (Electro Tribal Mix)
05.Trance Orchesta - Check it Out! (Out dance Remix)
06.Mr Polon - All Night Long (Euro Extended Mix)
07.Vatios - Is My House
08.With It Guys - Let The Music Take Control (Uncontrolled Mix)
09.2 In Line - Viva La Revolución
10.Digital Rev - Cybernetic Dream
11.Safety House - Come On Baby (Trance Progression)
12.PG2 - Hey Heeey
13.Westbam's Hands On Yello - Bostich (Rush Push Mix)
14.DJ Justo & Paco Micro - Welcome To Be
15.Red wine EP Vol. 1 - Don't Stop

Bonus Track:

01.PG2 - Hey Heeey
02.Spanic - Sister Golden Hair
03.2 In Line - Viva La Revolucion

CD2 Session Deejays De Leyenda Vol.2 Mixed By Dj Acedo

01.The Disciples - Underrave
02.Saturnia - To The Moon
03.Scorpia - Hipnose
04.Dj Hooligan - Sueño Futuro
05.Master Density - Give Me Two Kicks
06.PG2 - Hey Heey
07.Public House - Public House
08.Aldus Haza - I Love You
09.T-Zone - Checkout
10.Control - Move
11.Dj Peter - I Need Love
12.Dj Goldfinger - Thank u Baby
13.Dj's At Work - Balloon (El Globo)
14.Dj Rives - Bach Beat (Prelude ll)
15.New York - Worldwide
16.Committe - Welcome
17.Maurizio Braccagni - XTC Vol.1 (Rotterdam Version)
18.Don Cu - The Guitar Sound
19.Kadoc - You Got To Be There
20.Trance Orchestra - Check It Out

Bonus Track:

01.Scorpia - Hypnose
02.Committe - Welcome
03.Kadoc - You Got To Be There

CD3 Session Deejays De Leyenda Vol.2 Mixed  By Dj Sejo Cuenca

01.Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (Way Out West Summer Of Love Remix)
02.Sake Stabs - Let's Go Back (Tic Tac Drin Remix)
03.Tony Marino - One Love (Extended Club)
04.David Brown feat. Anahita Yama - Free Your Mind (Ibiza Techno Rave)
05.R.F.T.R. - Extrasyn
06.T99 - Anasthasia
07.Radioactive - The Eliminator (Two Little Boys Mix)
08.Dynamic Noise - Do You Feel Alright (Loca Remix)
09.Dj Spy - Go To Your Heart (Original Mix)
10.Techno G feat. Monier - 3 Phasik
11.Emergency - Let Me Be (Let Do It Mix)
12.Global Bassline - Bassline Beat
13.Junk Project - The Junkhunters (De Donatis Mix)
14.Sway - Open Up To Love (Silver Grey Edit)
15.Dj's Sound System - Technological Water (Club Version)
16.Ramirez - Orgásmico (Eya-Eya Mix)
17.Ravers - Dehlia

Bonus Track:

01.Dj Spy - Go To Your Heart (Original Mix)
02.Emergency - Let Me Be (Let Do It Mix)
03.Ravers - Dehlia

 CD3 Session Deejays De Leyenda Vol.2 Mixed  By Dj Sejo Cuenca:

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